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Cultural Association


D.R.C. Creativity Productions is an association that makes room for every form of creative expression, from writing to video editing to music.

What brings its members together is the will to express oneself through images while promoting personal and collective growth.

DRC Jenny



Co-founder and producer. She takes care of the administrative and production-related matters. Her studies in political science and journalism allow her to deal even with thorny issues in her projects with the eye of an investigative journalist. "It offers the opportunity to experiment while sharing expertise and personal traits". 

Martina S. DRC

Camera department


“Every story or piece of content you give shape to has a piece of your soul in it. Behind every frame, there’s a collective stylistic choice that is key to the success of every project”. 

Martina is the cornerstone of the camera department.

Marianna DRC

Production Design


“Every project has different needs. Everything has to be in the right place, at the right time, both in the director’s and the collective’s vision”.

Marianna is always there and happy to get her hands dirty on every project.

Leandro DRC

Gaffer, Production Design


“Doing something in a country that doesn’t do much is not only good but also rewarding. DRC Creativity Productions is like a family. Every project is an opportunity to learn new things with a smile on your face”.

Leandro is a gaffer in love with life. He’d do anything to broaden his life experiences.

Oliviero DRC



“Writing music for film is a double challenge. Not only does it have to appeal to the audience, but it has to be right for the story and convince viewers too. You need to watch yourself at work to keep improving”. Oliviero is the musical expert of each project and is also a member of the roman group "Wakeup Call". 

Ben Donateo DRC



President and founder, Ben is a director, screenwriter, and video editor. After his experience at the film studios in Southern California, he explored the concept of hands-on learning at the association, which he considers his “personal creative training ground”. The group's mission is to find one's identity through the art of film. 

Alessio DRC

Director of Photography


"Communicating through instant and motion photography means being in the continuous pursuit of new ingenious ideas. D.R.C is the perfect place where to experiment, beat your head against the wall, understand and try again". Alessio is a solid point of reference for the whole group. 

Caterina DRC

Screenwriter, director


“The creative process requires structure, stratagems, and even conflict. But first, it needs an idea.

A group that is not afraid to experiment is a group that allows you to grow and understand what works and what doesn’t”.

Caterina is the expert in creative writing with a thing for directing.

Valentina DRC

Continuity, AD


“The common trait of every member of our group is the will to give everything we’ve got to get results. This association has allowed me to learn the job, finding the right inspiration”.

Valentina takes care of script supervision, production, and general organisation and is an essential presence in every project.

Giorgia DRC

Screenwriter, Production Design


“DRC means gaining experience without feeling any pressure. Making mistakes is not only allowed, but it’s how we learn to create stories that work”.

Giorgia is a member of the creative team and is the person who brings narrative imagery to life.

Gabriele Farci DRC

Actor, Coach


“Having to challenge oneself constantly with different stories is an excellent exercise for an actor. It’s difficult to understand when your performance is right if you don’t have any experience with experimental projects.” 

Gabriele is an essential presence for the creative growth of the entire collective.

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